Monday, February 9, 2009

Telling time by ferries.

DFDS at dusk

The Princessen arrives at Flaskebekk Brygge (the dock here) at 8:05am. The DFDS slides by on it’s way into Oslo from Copenhagen at 9:15 am and the Colorline comes shortly after that from Kiehl, Germany. At about 3:15 pm the Colorline glides past on it’s way out of Oslo harbor and the DFDS follows at 5:15 pm. The Stena Line leaves Oslo harbor at about 6:30 pm on it’s way to Denmark. They are quiet. There is a low purr that I have come to recognize over time and I find I must look out to see the ship, just as I might look at the hands of a clock to reckon my hunch at the time.

Ferries in the Summer (2005 or 04?)


drmathew said...

Excellent picture shot? From which location of the ferry was this picture taken?

Pattie Belle said...

This was taken from the east side of the Oslo Fjord at Flaskebekk, Nesodden, Norway.

Nordveien 11, 1450 Nesodden, Norway - Google Maps