Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Williamsburg, Xmas 2010

It was a lovely end to 2010 with a long road trip through the South to visit friends and family. After stops in Harrisonburg, Atlanta, Charlotte & Richmond, we spent the night in Williamsburg for a romantic 18th century Christmas evening right as the blizzard hit. We have been hibernating since we returned to Connecticut in preparation for a very busy semester. I have finally learned, after a few decades, that it is critical to have some complete “down time” in order to maintain balance and productivity. I schedule it in now. Purposefully. Of course, everyone’s idea of “down time” is different...

In other news, some of my iPod drawings have been published in a UK drawing journal along with a short essay about the work. TRACEY: Drawing and Visualisation Research, published by the Loughborough University, School of Art and Design, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK: The Drawing and Technology Issue. I'm very pleased with the drawings, but never happy with the writing. Forgive me - I am an artist, first and foremost.

My first semester as Chair of Visual & Performing Arts has passed, but the tasks continue to mount for this next semester. I am learning so much, which is good, because I love learning. I am also being stretched and challenged in new and different ways each day, which also fulfills my desire for growth. Not all is sweetness and light - I do experience growing pains on a regular basis.

Here’s to a happy 2011, everyone. Best wishes to all.