Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Body Double

I’ve been feeling like I need a clone. Here she is. Almost done. There are two hours during the week when I become the student and completely immersed in something new and different. I’m auditing our new costuming class and the professor is the brilliant and talented, Tricia Thelen. This has been one of the most important ways I’ve been able to stay balanced this semester. The students are helping to design and make the costumes for the theater productions, but this dress form project has been an ongoing immersion throughout the semester - from t-shirts and freezer tape to the upholstered form you see in the picture. Each of us has constructed an identical double of our torso - custom dress forms. I have been documenting the entire process, hoping that Tricia and I can turn the project documentation into an article or something. I can’t wait to post more pictures. The process has been amazing. My classmates’ dress forms are fabulous and unique - just like they are... I had to show a little sneak peek.