Monday, September 28, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

House & Home Fall 2009

I have a serious case of Blogger’s Block. After conscientiously and regularly keeping this journal for the past couple of years, I have been grappling with purpose and meaning. Actually, I have been struggling with purpose and meaning in the largest sense of the words. This blog has really been something that I do for myself, with the secondary aspect being for friends and family. There are themes that I ponder a lot these days; attention & focus, creative processes, the death of the planet (or humankind on an uninhabitable planet), and “what is my true life’s purpose?”

We have gone back to our “same old, same old,” but it can really never be quite the same once you have disrupted your life in such a large way. All three of my little nuclear family members have been altered, modified, transformed by the experience and it can never really be the same. Not that we want it to be, mind you. It means that we haven’t yet found a new foothold. We haven’t figured out a new way of being within the old structures.

Perhaps, this is the way I explore the topics that occupy me. I certainly feel better and more focused having written this. What a relief. Now press “Publish Post.”