Monday, February 16, 2009

Fulbright Ski Weekend

Fulbright Norway Ski Weekend 2009
What an amazing conclusion to my Fulbright residency in Norway. Last Thursday twenty of the Fulbright scholars and students gave 15 minutes presentations on their research and then we all attended a reception at the US Ambassador’s residence. It was quite a marathon day. The next morning we left Oslo in a deluxe tour bus that took us north of Lillehammer to Skeikampen.

Some went skiing (cross country and down hill), some went snow shoeing, some walking, some for massages, some went swimming and we all met up at meals and in the common areas. It gave us time to get to know each other better, a chance to celebrate and a chance to share our experiences of living and working in Norway. There were three kids in the group – two that are nine and one ten year old – one boy and two girls. The kids were inseparable – they went skiing together, played together, ate all their meals together and sat for hours on the bus together.

Now we are back in Flaskebekk and it is snowing. School is out this week for Winter vacation, but B has a work deadline, so we will be sticking close to home. There will be skiing and excursions in between the work hours. This week I am regrouping, preparing and planning for the last 5 weeks of my work here. I need to be organized and on top of things in order to complete one of my projects by March 20th. We are also trying to do a little planning for the move back. Preparing to leave is a melancholy thing, but there is no place like home...

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