Monday, February 23, 2009

Drawing Again

iPod Drawings

When I work on projects that take weeks, months or years, I often long for some more immediate, tangible, creative outlet. During the past few months I have been wanting to draw again (partly inspired by rereading Annie Dillard’s books.) Not the life model, still life sort of drawing in which I was trained in art school, or the sketching of ideas in my notebook kind of drawing, but something that would develop out of my imagination over time. I picked up a foundation drawing book while we were in Stockholm and have been quite inspired from the simple start-from-the-beginning approach. This has coincided with the installation of a couple of free drawing applications on my iPod touch. I love the small size and the somewhat extreme limitations of the application I am using. Perhaps, if I am successful at this new outlet, I will fork over some money for a more sophisticated drawing application. For now, this is enough. They are crude (imagine drawing with your finger) and I am still exploring using only black & white, like those early years in design classes. Drawing anywhere and anytime. I like how this act of drawing on a mobile device ties in with the Mobile Misuse research and projects. This is so much fun. Don’t worry, I’m not letting it get in the way of those big projects that take forever...

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