Monday, January 7, 2008

Turn and Return

I just returned from a weekend with one of my best buddies at Kripalu. We didn't sign up for a specific program - just R & R. It was planned back in October as a chance to touch my grief, get up close to it, and maybe find some movement in it. The plan was also to celebrate this friendship that will now have a bit of geographical distance soon. The weekend, from start to finish, was everything and more than I hoped it would be and I return feeling joy and peace. We did yoga classes, dance classes, spa time, and ate some of the best and most wholesome food I've had in a while. From all of this, I now have new tools to be a better person, mother, partner, friend and teacher. My hope is that I can learn to use them well. The highlight of my weekend turned out to be a meditation workshop with Randal Williams. Now to get on with the work at hand - art making, course prep, online course design... in other words... business as usual...

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