Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kicking into Gear

I’m recovering from a cold and prepping classes (from bed mostly). They are quite tightly organized now, so getting up and running is easy. They are also two of my favorite classes to teach - Senior Portfolio and Design Research & Methods. But they are also two of the most exhausting classes I teach. It’s an intense semester for the seniors, about to walk out into the real world, wanting to and not wanting to at the same time. Shifting between hope, fear and anxiety on a moment to moment basis. I like to start the semester with some basic breathing techniques and reports have been that this is extremely helpful. I try to calm their fears and anxieties as I coach them in producing the most professional portfolio they can.

I attended a powerful yoga workshop last weekend and I think it created some movement in the grieving process. I am never as productive over winter break as I hope to be and this time I am trying not to chastise myself, but to congratulate myself on taking the time to grieve, to breathe, to focus on yoga, etc. I am physically stronger that I have been in ages and I can feel myself softening as a personality at the same time.

I still have one section to finish on my art archive site, I am preparing The Scarlet Genotype for an exhibition in Charlotte, NC, and I am continuing my work on GenderMachine. But the priority project at the moment is preparing a new Marsha McLuhan performance for a conference in Oslo in March. I start going into my University office tomorrow and classes start next week. Time to be productive.

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