Monday, April 7, 2008


I have finally “finished” my portfolio website - meaning that there is content in every section, there are no “under construction” signs, and there is no “greeking” where there should be readable text. The last section - interactive - was the hardest to get my head around and in the end I settled for cranking out something far less thorough than I had planned. There are still many details to attend to and there are sections that already need updating, but it feels like a maintenance job, now - tweaking, fine tuning, adding here and taking away there. Manageable - not overwhelming, exhausting, etc.

I have a couple more grant deadlines coming up and I really needed to have completion on this. In between teaching, site building, and parenting, I have also been dealing with those never ending logistics of living in another country for a year. I'll write about all that one day...

I see that I had set a deadline of April 11 for having the Interactive section completed - four days early, imagine that?! OK. I cut some corners, but it’s “done.”

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